Our Centre

Who We Are

Everyday is an opportunity to connect at Twin Rivers!

The Twin Rivers Centre is open everyday of the week to the community. OUR MISSION IS to CONNECT, BUILD and EQUIP people for success in ALL AREAS OF life.

Twin Rivers Church was birthed through the vision of Pastors Bob and Naomi Engwicht in 1992. Pastor Bob was the pioneer on the cutting edge of influencing the Church to be active and relevant to the community it served.

In the late 1990s, what is now Twin Rivers Community Care, was established as an organisation purposed to respond to community issues. In 2003, Reuben and Michelle Roos were invited to be Pastors at Twin Rivers Church.

Within two years of their new role, Reuben and Michelle watched the premises of Twin Rivers be destroyed through an arson attack. In 2008 Twin Rivers exercised their faith with the purchase of the local landmark Driza-bone building in the centre of our community, making the dream of the Twin Rivers Centre a reality.