Some Frequently Asked Questions

Twin Rivers FAQ

What time should I arrive at Twin Rivers Church?

We recommend you arrive early so you can park and to allow time to check into River Kids. This would be approximately 10mins before the service starts.

Are there Parents Room facilities?

Yes. At every location there is a Lounge Room with change table and feeding areas. You can even watch the service in the Lounge Room!

Does church cost money?

Our services, Synergy Youth and River Kids programs are free & open to everyone!

I don’t know anyone at church. How do I get to know people?

We have friendly service team who would love to help you get connected with others: whether that is to find someone to sit with in the service, connecting in the café, or joining a connect group.

What do I wear? 

You don't have to dress up or try to impress, come as you are!

Do I need to bring food or water? 

You do not need to bring food or water. There is a water dispenser always accessible and after the morning service there is free tea and coffee as well as light refreshments. Light food, coffees and other drinks can also be purchased on site at our café. 

Is there air conditioning?

Twin Rivers Church is about creating environments – as part of that we have air conditioning to make you feel comfortable.

Do I have to be a Christian/have the same beliefs to attend?

You are welcome at Twin Rivers Church no matter who you are or what you believe