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Say Hello to the Wonderful Managers of Twin Rivers Care

Meet our Managers

Say hello to the leaders & managers of Twin Rivers Care. Got questions for the lead team at Twin Rivers? Contact us by clicking here.

Reuben & Michelle Roos -Senior Leaders / Cafe Manager

Reuben is the Senior Leader of Twin Rivers Care - providing oversight, management and connection between the Church and Community Care.

Michelle is the Café Manager at Rivers Cafe.

"Twin Rivers is all about bringing hope!" - Reuben & Michelle

Noel & Gayle Roberts - Twin Rivers Food Co-op Managers

Noel & Gayle started the Twin Rivers Food Co-op over 20 years ago with some tables and boxes out of the back of a truck with a heart to serve and lift up the needy in our community. Today the Food Co-op reaches and helps over 4000 members.

Noel and Gayle are however most proud of their grandchildren.

"We're not about giving hand outs; but a hand up!" - Noel & Gayle

Annelise Hellberg - Career & Family Support Manager

Annelise Hellberg joined the Twin Rivers Community Care team in 2016 and has done a stellar job in creating opportunities for our community in the area of jobs and bringing awareness to various issues within family life.

She is married to her husband - Gunnar and has two adult children.

"Let's go and change people through God's love" - Annelise