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Apostle Chris Peterson

Frontline Report November 2018


Greetings Partners in Mission!


What a challenging and exciting day we live in, as we pray to the Father as instructed by Jesus, "let your Kingdom come and let your will be done on earth even as it is in heaven". Spiritually, politically, economically, and socially it seems that everything is out of control, but it is into this chaos we are to pray for Divine order and authority to be manifested and God's Will demonstrated. 


It is these realities that must be confronted, not by a weak, struggling and selfish church, but a victorious church releasing God's Light into the darkness and impacting the decadence of the world as the Salt. We must come back to the fundamentals of redemption, knowing and confessing what the blood of Christ has done, understanding the authority in the Name of Jesus and being bold in our faith and confession of "it is written" when challenged by demonic opposition.


To raise up that kind of church the five-fold gifts releasing Divine life and power must be released in the Church to equip the saints for the work of powerful Christian impact, service and ministry. To bring the changes that are needed ApostleNet is making a fresh commitment to declaring a clear Trumpet sound so that the the Church can prepare itself for battle!!!!


Let us pray, sacrifice, serve and sow in this critical season to see the Kingdom of God come and His will done on earth.

Moving together in Kingdom mission,

Chris and Carol and the ApostleNet team


A Praise Report from King's Farms: Mitchael & Sharon Curtis

This year we have continued to see the hand of God move powerfully. The miracles continue. Yet again the result we have is dramatically different to the other farms around us. The KP mangoes did not flower strongly across the top end, with most growers 70%+ down, but we were only approximately 16% down from last year’s crop (which was the largest crop we have ever seen on this farm). Plus, this year’s returns have been dramatically higher because we were the only ones with strong yields when we were picking.

During our season, the NT Country Hour did a report on how the mango season was so disappointing for the whole top end KP industry, and the president of NT Farmers Association stated it was a season he would rather forget. Upon airing that story the ABC received calls telling them that they needed to talk to us as we had a strong crop which was bucking the trend of the rest of the industry. 


Even the other growers around us have come asking what we have done to get such a good crop. One grower claimed they told their agronomist to get their trees to look as good as ours because we get good crops. They were very frustrated, because even though their trees looked healthy, they still got a very poor crop, and they look straight across the road, 75m away from their farm, and see we have a very strong crop. Not a little bit different but dramatically different. 

"The biggest difference we have is that we apply a large amount of prayer fertiliser!"

Regularly, the whole team get together and we go up the block on the hill to worship and pray for the farm, proclaiming the farm to be His farm and pray for Kingdom outcomes with the purpose of creating a supply line to the front line - supporting church planters around the world. We pray that our Father would protect every mango and that we would have wisdom on how to grow them. We pray that we would see people’s lives changed, including all the workers that come to pick the mangoes. We are seeing these things happening before our very eyes. It is so exciting to see the hand of God moving 


This year we brought 48 people in to work from Vanuatu. These people have been displaced because of a volcano in Vanuatu, they are beautiful people that work hard. In conjunction with Heritage Church Katherine, we run a church service each Sunday night and we put on a meal for them also.  Other farmers transport their workers in for it, many from the Pacific Islands, and some local groups from Barunga, Binjari and Beswick communities have come in. There have been over 180 people coming to attend for a great night of fellowship, worship and the word. Each group bring songs to share in English and their own language - many different denominations worshiping together - what a blessing!

Building a kingdom business is a very exciting process. We continue to see the hand of God move and we are seeing increase in the right people coming at the right time with the right information so that we get the right outcomes. God has given us an awesome team of faith filled people with Kingdom hearts.  

We have seen very aggressive attacks against our success e.g. Government quarantine forcing us to destroy our crops with no compensation, ridicule from local agronomists because we are not farming like they would and at one point the bank wanted to sell us up. We have also had court action trying to take us out. As we have held fast and prayed through, we have seen the hand of God move and through the challenges we have been refined and strengthened. We are beginning to understand how to function in a Kingdom model and how it works with all the gift sets functioning in their place

With the Apostolic, Prophetic and Spiritual Warfare in place, we are now getting traction and beginning to see our vision unfolding before our very eyes. We are now heading into our 6th year from when we moved from pastoring churches to trying to build a kingdom business model. What a journey, all I can say is God is faithful and there is a better way to do business!

Mitchael & Sharon


In October Apostle Chris and Carol visited Goondiwindi, ministering at Goondiwindi Christian Church with Ps Ivan and Ros Waldock. Ivan and Ros have been pastoring this church for over a decade now, and under their leadership the fellowship has grown from a small group to a congregation of over a hundred.

Having purchased a major property between football fields in the town, the church has a major public profile. This has also been enhanced through the church's school, Border Rivers Christian School, which has been running for three years and will have over a hundred students in the next 12-24 months.

Whilst the church continues to have ever increasing influence in their local rural community, they also have a significant missions footprint in India, supporting orphanages, feeding programs and leadership development conferences. 

Chris and Carol attended the Champions Dinner - the end of year celebration for their youth, ministered on Sunday, met with a number of leaders and spoke with teachers and leaders of Border Rivers Christian School on Monday before departing. 



Thank you for all those who prayerfully and financially supported the Sharon AG/ApostleNet International India Youth Camp. As I have already reported, the lives of many young people will be changed forever as an outcome of these meetings.

Whilst in Hyderabad we also conducted a two day training summit with key pastors from New Life Fellowship churches, led by Ps Malachi. Approximately 40-50 pastors and leaders attended, some travelling 500kms to be in Hyderabad for the event. Ap Cami and I spoke on the themes of Kingdom & Apostolic focussed ministry.


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