Ministries We Support

School Chaplains, Word for the Day & Alphacrusis

Scripture Union - School Chappies

School Chaplains are doing an amazing job at taking Jesus into our schools and

prayers are definitely needed for continued government support and that

our own missions giving will continue to assist with this essential task.

Word for Today

A daily reading that has proved to be a fantastic blessing to thousands of Christians in Australia. People often quote from the reading of the day. WORD FOR TODAY is printed quarterly and is available at church or you can subscribe by mail in Australia only.

Grab your copy at church or you can sign up on line at

Alphacrusis College

This college was formerly National Bible college and now officially ACC. Many men and women pass through the college each year with good results and fired up to go out and preach the Gospel and win souls for Jesus.

Alphacrucis College is growing to accommodate the large number of young students that are entering into ACC ministry as pastors etc. Harvest Bible College and Alphacrucis College are joining forces, remaining under the name of Alphacrucis but still offering Harvest courses. This action is providing over 4000 student positions. Why not consider study from home or on site?

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